Wynwood Walls

Category: Murals Medium: Aerosol, acrylic Size: Variable

I moved my studio into Wynwood when it was still a ghost town in 2005. Once it became such a popular part of town, it was increasingly difficult to find walls. That was the case until about 2012. These are various custom walls created throughout Wynwood around that time.

The Wynwood Brewery wall started in 2013 when I created a portrait of my future self thinking back on these current times. 

The Wynwood Central mural  was a total freestyle.  I didn't plan on the sudden shower that drenched the surface as I worked either, but I did embrace it by incorporating drips into the piece and making South Florida weather part of my medium.

 The alley mural is something I painted with my friend Jeremy Nichols aka Raskoe
Photo credit for the alley wall by ObserveCaptureDestroy
On what appears like a home, you may recognize the patina work with a hidden el mono fresco if you drive northwest 2nd avenue. 

Here is a video about Wynwood that I make an appearance in: Click Here