New Amsterdam sponsored Art by daniel fila also known as Krave art Its your town
New Amsterdam sponsored Art by Krave art
New Amsterdam sponsored Art by Krave art
brand collaboration with oculto beer and kraveart mural in wynwood by daniel fila


Category: Installations Medium: Acrylic, graphite, and aerosol on wood Size: variable

There is no reason art and commerce cannot go hand and hand as long as they respect each other. Consumers are more sophisticated these days, and forcing your product in their face may make them aware of you, but how does it resonate with them? If you are to offer them a genuine experience, while leaving your mark, they will know you, and want to know you. 

New Amsterdam spirits spotlighted an Artist in eight major cities in the United States including Miami where I was chosen. The "It's your town" campaign gave us the opportunity to create a mural, and seven small pieces to be exhibited at a show at El Fresco.  These are some of the pieces created in the series.

Oculto commissioned this mural campaign to cover Wynwood, Miami Beach, and Little Havana.