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Boston commons

Category: Murals Medium: Mixed media installation Size: variable

 I was originally called in to create something like a penit  in the basement of what used to be J.F.K's favorite restaurant in an area known as Boston Commons. One famous partner in the ownership group is David "Big Papi" Ortiz. It was cool getting to meet him. The ambiance now feels like a raw graffiti space artistically refined with layers of delicate accents. Campaign posters from iconic politicians from the area as well as tags from legendary local writers tie the artwork to the community. 

A couple of years later, the same client called me back. They were opening a new spot named "Ruka" in the ground floor of the Godrey Hotel. I painted a lychee root from Thailand that spent it's life submerged in water. It's spending it's afterlife hanging from their ceiling. I also painted a mural that portrays the many dimensions you don't see with a typical portrait. The only real direction they gave me is to use some bright colors. I did so without going overboard. The concept is that the art, ceiling and food are going to be the only places with strong color in the space. Everything else is wood and concrete.