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the sickest piece by Krave in wynwood prime time 2016 burner bro
krave art graffiti
Krave Rasko Daniel Fila Jeremy Nichols fun times in Wynwood


Category: Murals Medium: Film Size: variable

When faced with injustice, I burn walls. In the depths of the struggle, I burn walls. When art becomes a job, and the occupation itself forces constraints on me, I burn walls. 

Nbc features a local artist for an insider perspective on Art Basel 2016. Film by: Eric Rodriguez of NBC Universal, WTVJ

 The last mural is something I painted with my friend Jeremy Nichols aka Raskoe


Miami Herald -

Miami Herald - "Sketchbook"

In his own words: I would rather be hungry in the jungle than fed up in the zoo. My work is dimensional, layered, painterly and shows a cohesive yet multifaceted range.

Why he’s hot: Fila parlayed his top-notch education from Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) in the Design District and Columbus College of Art and Design into a dynamic career as an ar read more