graffiti krave
the sickest piece by Krave in wynwood prime time 2016 burner bro
detail of a Krave burner
krave art graffiti
Jeremy nichols also know as Raskoe and I did a quick collaboration together in Wynwood Miami
Krave Rasko Daniel Fila Jeremy Nichols fun times in Wynwood


Category: Murals Medium: Film Size: variable

Flowing to the rhythm of it's pure intention, this will never look today like it did yesterday. As people where the trend of graffiti's surface appeal like fashion, I'll just keep doing me until my time is up. 

Check out this in depth perspective on being an artist in Miami where I discuss Wynwood walls, Little Havana, and my art studio El Fresco. Nbc features a local artist for an insider perspective on Art Basel 2016. Film by: Eric Rodriguez of NBC Universal, WTVJ

 The alley mural is something I painted with my friend Jeremy Nichols aka Raskoe
Photo credit for the alley wall by ObserveCaptureDestroy


Miami Herald - "Sketchbook"

In his own words: I would rather be hungry in the jungle than fed up in the zoo. My work is dimensional, layered, painterly and shows a cohesive yet multifaceted range.

Why he’s hot: Fila parlayed his top-notch education from Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) in the Design District and Columbus College of Art and Design into a dynamic career as an ar read more