el mono fresco aka the fresh monkey by daniel fila
el mono fresco aka the fresh monkey in Manhattan new allan street graffiti
krave the fresh monkey aka el mono fresco painted on allan street in manhattan
thailand bangkok street graffiti krave art
el mono fresco
Saturday Night Live Krave Art
Mono Fresco north Miami
el mono fresco aka the fresh monkey by krave
global fresh monkey
Krave art paints el mono fresco in brooklyn featured on saturday night live

El Mono Fresco

Category: Blackbook Medium: Mixed media Size: variable

 From the outskirts of Bangkok, to central Ohio, you can find The fresh monkey's hidden in the cityscape. The campaign started in early 2000 accidentally. He was first drawn as a school project.  For class critique, I had a friend turn him in anonymously as I skipped class. When the professor asked who's piece it was, no one answered, and that is how the fresh monkey began. From there I started hiding him in trees, animating cartoons of him, and telling his story. He's even been featured on Saturday Night Live via his presence in Bushwick. "I'd rather be hungry in the jungle than fed up in the zoo. " - El Mono Fresco