Urban contemporary illustration on wood
miami smokers pig head by daniel fila

Drawings on wood

Category: Paintings Medium: Graphite, acrylic and watercolor on wood Size: 48" x 48"

Drawing is my favorite. Every other artistic technical skill I've developed came from drawing. Here are a few drawings on wood which is my where painting is combined with some of the graphite work. The diptych entitled, "Dichotomy" was created while I was represented by Michael Margulies, and was exhibited it in ArteAmericas,  the premier art fair from Latin America and Spain. It marked a turning point for me as it was the culmination of my mixed media drawings on wood. It was eventually sold to a private collector, but a limited edition print series has been made available here


ArteAmericas Catalog

ArteAmericas Catalog

Daniel Fila exhibited and was published in ArteAmericas 10th anniversary exhibition at the Miami Beach Convention center.
Fila collaborated with Yanes and Ubiera to create a site specific on the back of their booth for the fair. 

March 2-5th, 2012 
Booth 904
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