Artist collaborations

Category: Murals Medium: Aerosol, acrylic, newspaper, resin Size: 8' x 20'

Artist Claudio Picasso and I were approached when the SLS Hotel opened inside of the  what was initially the Grossinger Hotel, which first opened in 1940. Using newspapers from the era of the hotel’s origin (mainly the Leadership Enterprize) that we found in the University of Florida library, we wheat pasted a collage onto the accordian wall. The original mural that they had was an asian style landscape. We created our own landscape on top of our collage representing a scene you would have typically found in Florida back then. We used native plants, and species such as the great egrit to illlustrate this multi-faceted mural depicting historical accuracy. Another notable fact about this assignment was that we worked directly under Phillipe Stark, one of the foremost designers on the planet.