hand painted illustration on a wood panel of the tree of life by Daniel Fila
Krave Art 3-D Wynwood street art installation graffiti wildstyle original dope shit
illustration on wood by Daniel Fila
illustration on wood by Daniel Fila
save the koala painting by daniel fila

Paintings on wood

Category: Paintings Medium: Acrylic, graphite, dye, stain, oil, aerosol on wood Size: 48" x 48"

It's challenging to put a cohesive body of work together when you are scatter brained, and refuse a set formula. I needed a piece to be the face of my portfolio. This piece was meant to tie everything together. It's a very dense and detailed illustration that took up a big chunk of my summer in 2014. Every time I was "finished", I ended up putting another week into it. We strain, and strive for our aspirations, but life is all about the journey. That's what the "Tree of Life" is about.

The original is in a private collection, and no longer available for exhibition. 

"Krizzle" and "Blender" are all continuations of the body.  I've been slowly expanding on this over the years. There is a major emphasis on the flow, stream of thought, and motion of the rendering rather than any single subject. The technique provides a way to incorporate a multitude of imagery in a cohesive way.  - See more at: http://kraveart.com/art-detail.php?id=110#sthash.7rT8GwHt.dpuf



Miami New Times - "Paint the Walls" (Cover Story)

Benjy Caplan of the Miami New Times interviewed artists, who have transformed urban blight into a sprawling outdoor gallery in the Wynwood area of downtown Miami.  Krave, under the sub-title "Bible reader" is featured prominently in this story, articulating his roots in the community, his friendships and alliances, his passion for street art and its incorporation read more