The Tree

Category: Paintings Medium: Acrylic, graphite, dye, stain, oil, aerosol on wood Size: 48" x 48"

This is a very dense and detailed illustration that took around a month to create. It is about the journey, growth, and how everything in life ties together. People say, "pictures don't do justice" all of the time, but this is the case here. There are many layers on top of layers, and each medium used had it's own finish. It is now in a private collection, and may never be on view publicly again. 



Miami New Times - "Paint the Walls" (Cover Story)

Benjy Caplan of the Miami New Times interviewed artists, who have transformed urban blight into a sprawling outdoor gallery in the Wynwood area of downtown Miami.  Krave, under the sub-title "Bible reader" is featured prominently in this story, articulating his roots in the community, his friendships and alliances, his passion for street art and its incorporation read more