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Pop Installations

Category: Installations Medium: acrylic on cut wood Size: Variable

As a progression of the "El Fresco" series by the "Surface Merchants",  Raymond "Gems" Adrian and Fila collaborated for an exhibition in Wynwood during Art Basel hosted by NYC based gallery Pop International. They continue to collaborate on various works like the drawing collage on the back drop of these Krave characters
2013 Category: Installations Medium: Acrylic, latex, and wood Size: Variable Certatim: A digital agency on Miami Beach hired Fila to energize their office space. 
Ruben Ubiera Alex Yanes and I created this site specific mural installation for ArteAmericas under Michael Margulies representation back in 2011

Commissioned by D.O.G. to paint the interior and exterior of their facility, I chose to use pets belonging to my friends as models in creating a typeface to spell DOG.  I transformed a utility pole incorporating it into the work as a fire hydrant, rather than allowing it to obstruct the mural.     

This timeline indicates all of the pivotal growth the company has had over the years.