Custom Furniture by Krave Art
Custom Furniture by Krave Art

Pop Installations

Category: Installations Medium: acrylic on cut wood Size: Variable

Here are a few different installations created over the either as collaborations, or solo including a progression of the "El Fresco" series by the "Surface Merchants",  Raymond "Gems" Adrian for an exhibition in Wynwood during Art Basel hosted by NYC based gallery Pop International. Certatim, A digital agency on Miami Beach hired Fila to energize their office space.  Ruben Ubiera Alex Yanes and I created this tree installation for ArteAmericas under Michael Margulies representation back in 2011. 

Commissioned by D.O.G. to paint the interior and exterior of their facility, I chose to use pets belonging to my friends as models in creating a typeface to spell DOG.  I transformed a utility pole incorporating it into the work as a fire hydrant, rather than allowing it to obstruct the mural.     

This timeline indicates all of the pivotal growth the company has had over the years.