erin wall design district miami daniel fila krave
erin wall design district miami daniel fila krave
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Erin series

Category: Paintings Medium: Aerosol and latex Size: 14' x 8'

In Dec 2003, I was in the middle of doing odd jobs while trying to build my freelance illustration business. This series sparked controversy locally. Someone mysteriously white washed my mural at night unauthorized,  and they became the “vandal” in the story. This was furthering the censorship issue already prevalent in the news at the time due to Janet Jackson’s “Wardrobe malfunction”. Through the ensuing years, Erin and the mural have evolved with annual updates and modifications that correspond with Art Basel. Art Basel the fair was brand new to the city at the time of this walls inception. 
Early news coverage:


Miami New Times - "Erin"

During Art Basel, 2003, Krave painted the mural entitled "Erin" on the wall of architect, Chad Oppenheim's office, facing Biscayne Boulevard at the corner of Northeast 37th Street and 2nd Avenue. Erin, with her derriere  also clearly visible to westbound traffic on I-195, caused quite a stir.  Many stopped to photograph the "21st Century Venus", but one citizen o read more