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el mono fresco aka the fresh monkey by daniel fila


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 The GMCVB  Greater Miami Conventions and Visitors Bureau licensed this Artwork as part of a national television and print campaign ad via Turkel Advertising focusing on Miami's culture. It was made into an animation for television.  The campaign went on for about eight months before tapering off. The artwork was also featured on a Miami-Dade metro bus when The New Tropic  and The Prism music group organized a campaign to promote public transportation by spotlighting local artist's. The original cover art for quintessential Miami jam band Suenalo was designed in 2007.


New York Magazine -

New York Magazine - " Don't Just Scratch the Surface, Head Straight for the Soul"

The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau commissioned me to create a video advertisement promoting the city, which featured an animated version of a piece, originally commissioned by the band, Suenalo, which was transformed into a street mural. The two page print ad in this issue of New York Magazine captures a still from the video incorporated into another Mi read more