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Oberhausen Marketing and PR contacted us to help design the aesthetic for the restaurant. From the original mood board to the final space photos, the artwork created for Chef Bee's restaurant on Miami Beach was meticulously conceived and executred. I flew to Thailand to do research partially paid for by this job. The idea was to create an urban chic aesthetic, that is authentically Thai. From the original oil painting of the first Miss Thai universe, to the weathered drawings of Chef's mother in a custom south east asian frame, everything received a genuine touch. Canlove came in from L.A to do create a facade above the sushi bar using recycled spray cans. It has been opened now for nearly a year, and it one of the top spots on Miami Beach to eat at. The food is Alloy Maak (very delicious). Photo credit to Thrillist, and Laine Doss in that order for the first two photos.


Miami New Times - NaiYaRa Opening...

Piyarat Potha Arreeratn, "Chef Bee", chose Kraveart to develop branding for NaiYaRa on Miami Beach. The restaurant's elephant mascot is represented front and center in a hand-drawn mural alongside the bar. Miami artist Danny "Krave" Fila designed the peaceful pachyderm and did most of the restaurant's artwork, combining old Thai movie posters with stenciling. 

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