Sculpture / Environmental

Category: Installations Medium: wood, plaster, latex paint and found objects Size: variable

"Conserve" was created to grab people's attention from bird road, and show them a post apocalyptic scene. This project was made possible by a grant from the Miami-Dade Parks and Recreations Department. It was previously located at A.D Barnes park on the Northeast corner of Bird rd and 72nd Avenue.
The word "conserve" is meant to address our out of control consumption of natural resources. The hand made birds nest was functioning as long as I kept bird seed in it.  This grant was awarded to five local Artist's to create original works in five different parks throughout Miami-Dade county. One goal of the project was to offer the Artist an opportunity  to expand beyond the realm of their usual medium.  
A special thanks goes to James Bowers and his family for helping with this project

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