daniel fila woodcut
Wood cut daniel fila krave art surface merchants el mono fresco
alex yanes krave art daniel fila of surface merchants create Libertad a custom wood cut out art piece in  little havana urban contemporary
daniel fila woodcut pets
daniel fila woodcut for Ojvind Larson
detail of a wood cut piece by Surface Merchants
daniel fila woodcut pets

Wood cuts

Category: Installations Medium: found object, cut wood, latex, aerosol and acrylic paint Size: variable

This mix of classic Krave characters has no name, but the style is a progression of the "Surface Merchants" pieces which were born from a collaboration with my old crew.

La Camaronera isn't just a historically relevant seafood restaurant in Little Havana, it is my our personal favorite seafood spot in Miami. When they hit us up to create artwork for their space, I was thrilled. Tapping into the style of the surface merchants, I created this fishing scene. The blue stripes happened as sort of an accident while we were laying out gradients of blue. It struck me that the negative space gave a nautical feel, and it also was more contemporary art than just a mural installation. This is a piece, and a place you have to physically visit to truly appreciate. 

Also, here are a few images of a related piece entitled "Libertad", created by myself and Alex Yanes as the Surface merchants collective back in 2011.
This piece was one of our last, and most popular collaborations. You can see it well in the El Fresco opening video.