daniel fila oil acrylic illustration on wood
daniel fila oil acrylic illustration
canvas by Daniel Fila 2019
hand painted illustration on a wood panel of the tree of life by Daniel Fila


Category: Paintings Medium: Acrylic, graphite, dye, stain, oil, aerosol on wood Size: 48" x 48"

The Tree is a painting on wood that took up a big chunk of my summer in 2014. It illustrates my life of struggle from the roots where I reach to grab onto a tumultuous surface, the body of my experiences all the way to the fruit.  Every time I was "finished", I ended up putting another week into it. It's titled, "Tree of Life". 
The original is in a private collection. I've been expanding on this over the years, but have yet to dedicate as much time to one piece. The technique provides a way to incorporate a multitude of imagery in a cohesive way. 



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