found object sculpture urban contemporary by daniel fila for the filling station lofts
repurposed wood planks for an painting
Wood cut Artwork urban contemporary Daniel Fila Krave Art
Wood cut Artwork urban contemporary Daniel Fila Krave Art Alex Yanes Raymond Adrian
surface merchants alex yanes daniel fila krave art urban contemporary wood cut little havana miami
found object sculpture urban contemporary


Category: Installations Medium: Mixed media on wood Size: 16' x 21'

This massive piece weighs a ton. Every time we moved it, it required a crew and box truck. It is primarily constructed with repurposed dade county pine wood found at a demolition site in what was known as the little river district of Miami. There are seven sections to the piece. It is now in it's permanent resting place in the Arts and Entertainment district. Spirit Tsunami was created originally in 2011 as a tribute to the human spirit that survives amidst life's struggles. It was made to be exhibited in the Surface Merchants show while we were represented by Michael Margulies. The subject is somber and in the fetal position to portray innocence within a jagged environment. The background contrast was made with 1950's reclaimed pine wood, and street signs. It was purchased in 2014 by The Filling Station.


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Daniel Fila–the artist many know simply as Krave–is eclectic in his artistic talents, to say the least. Having completed both figurative and abstract pieces using everything from paint to animation to sculpting, Fila/Krave has a knack for using whatever’s in the vicinity to create masterful works. And he’s received acclaim for his work: you might recognize the above read more